Networking for Seniors: Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life

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Networking is an essential aspect of life. It can help you find a job, improve your quality of life,
and meet interesting people, and it’s not just for entrepreneurs or salespeople. Networking is
helpful for anyone who wants to improve their life. Whether you’re looking to create a business,
start a nonprofit, volunteer, or take up a new hobby, the process benefits all aspects of your life.
Amber Personal Care shares these helpful tips.

Join a Social Media Platform

Senior News notes that one of the best ways to network online is to join an active social media
. Many platforms help connect people who share similar interests or goals. Join groups
on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other common sites. Also, look for niche platforms, such
as Goodreads, Reddit, Quora, or Meetup. Find a group of people who share your specific
interests, and start building relationships.

Don’t limit yourself to new people either. It never hurts to connect with long-ago friends from
high school or college. You can easily track down old friends through online directories by
plugging in your graduation year and your high school’s name and city.

Events for Senior Networking

You can also network at events. Find local events open to the public and attended by your
target market, such as social or business connections. Attending conferences, seminars, and
meetups is a great opportunity to connect with new people face-to-face. Check with
organizations in your local area to see what they have available, such as meetups with
professionals and business gatherings.

Maintain Relationships

Many kinds of events can benefit your networking goals. Even if the event isn’t for your specific
interests, it can still help you find new contacts. Avoid attending events that don’t help you grow
your connections. Follow up with people you met at events. Start a new conversation soon after
the group event — don’t wait too long.

Volunteer Your Time

You can also volunteer your time to network with others. NewRetirement suggests finding a
cause you believe in, and offering your skills to the organization. If you’re new to volunteering,
start with something local. For example, if you want to help animals, check with a shelter and
ask if they need people to help walk dogs or just spend time with the animals.

Start a Business

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop working. If you still enjoy working, consider starting a
. It can be an independent project or something you do with other people. You can also
use your skills to make things you want or need, sell them online, and make a profit on the side.
If you go this route, be sure you first check off all the regulatory items required to start a
business in Colorado, including forming your venture as an LLC, corporation, partnership, or
running it as a sole proprietorship.

Join a Club

Another option is to join a club. Look for interesting groups in your area, such as book clubs or
cooking classes. If you’re not interested in joining an existing club, start your own. If you’re
worried about feeling awkward at first, find an activity related to your interests, and start a club
of people who want to learn or do the same things.

Networking Options for Seniors

Retirement can make connecting challenging. However, you can find many ways to get out and
make valuable connections, such as joining a social network, starting a business, or

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