A Gift Card for the Holidays

A “Thank You” from Amber Personal Care

2020 has been a difficult year for the senior community and the senior care community. We know this, because we’ve heard what everyone has to say about being in quarantine, being in isolation, being scared of getting sick. However, we had people that really gave us, our clients and their families hope in this time of need: our caregivers. 

Caregiving is an essential work, so when people were staying at home, they were on the road getting to our clients’ houses; they were grocery shopping so that our seniors can enjoy the safety of their own home; they were waking up early and returning home late to make sure that our seniors receive the assistance, companionship and care they need. 

So, this holiday, Amber Personal Care has given all of our caregivers a gift of appreciation in the form of a $25 gift card. We hope that this small token shows how grateful we are to the meaningful work you all do. 

In the meantime, Amber Personal Care is proud to be a care agency that pays above average wages, and actively listens what our employee says. We hope to lead by example to improve the condition all caregivers are treated, and how senior care is provided. 

Thank you and happy holidays! 

Amber Personal Care 

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