Kathy Hughes

Director of Sales and Marketing

Kathy Hughes, as a Director of Sales and Marketing for Anova Care,  plays a role in the organization’s growth and outreach. Her extensive background in various sectors, especially case management, Home and Community-Based Service waivers, and services for the elderly, blind, and disabled, underlines her expertise in the field. Kathy’s commitment to excellence in care is a cornerstone of her professional ethos, a quality she further developed in her previous role as the Director of Marketing and Admissions at an assisted living facility, where she refined her marketing skills.
In her current position, Kathy is instrumental in nurturing strong relationships with various facilities and organizations across the metro Denver area, focusing on the aging population. These partnerships are vital to Anova Care’s mission of providing top-tier care, and ensuring the well-being and contentment of clients.
Kathy holds a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Gerontology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, highlighting her commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of the elderly.
Kathy’s unwavering dedication and expertise reinforce the organization’s commitment to offering unmatched care and support to those in need of Anova Care services in the metro Denver area.

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