Michelin Dowell

Director of Care Coordination


Michelin Dowell is a dedicated Client Care Coordinator/Scheduler at Anova Care, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Hailing from North Carolina and now residing in Georgia, Michelin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a Minor in English from North Carolina Central University.
With a comprehensive background spanning numerous years in healthcare settings such as Hospitals, Home Health, Home Care, and Hospice/Palliative Care, Michelin has held pivotal positions including General Manager, Branch Manager, and Scheduler. These roles have provided her with invaluable insights into staffing dynamics, billing intricacies, and most importantly, ensuring top-notch client care.
Michelin’s unwavering commitment to excellence is underscored by her interactions with diverse clients, including those with private pay, Medicaid, VA, and long-term health insurance. Her passion for providing exceptional service shines through as she collaborates seamlessly with clients and caregivers alike. Her overarching objective remains consistent – to ensure the utmost satisfaction of all parties involved in the care process at Anova Care.
With a penchant for working harmoniously within a team, Michelin embodies the ethos of superior customer service and holistic client support. Through her tireless dedication, Michelin Dowell exemplifies the mission of Anova Care, making a positive impact on every individual she serves.

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