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My CEO and myself had a meeting to understand what services Avona Care has to offer, what we (as a community) have to offer, and how we can work together to help our seniors. Ashley and Jessica are absolutely wonderful! They are kind, helpful, and we are looking forward to our partnership.

Jennifer Roy

I have had such a pleasant experience working with Amber Personal Care as a Caregiver. I started in April of 2023 and love my job! Management is very sincere, professional, kind, caring, and friendly. The communication is effective and timely and my services are compensated nicely by the company. I feel blessed for being a part of Amber Personal Care team.

Roohieh Mehrabkhani

Originally Mom received AnovaCare home health assistance after recovery time in skilled nursing. Upon discharge after another hospital stay she needed much more care, especially due to her fear regarding a catheter. The care provider she was familiar with went out of her way to provide care within moments of Mom returning to her apartment. Scheduler, Delnette Triplett, relieved our anxiousness. All along she was responsive to Mom's changing day to day needs. She is helpful, friendly, organized, flexible, and patient. Plans and revised schedules are confirmed and verified by phone and text. Thank you AnovaCare providers and especially Delnette for so skillfully helping us in a time of considerable need.

Roger Pawley

This is an amazing place to work. By employer and staff are all
So caring, supportive, understanding and very nice to work with. I have been so blessed to have such an amazing team behind my scheduling and work. I highly recommend Amber Personal Care as a place of growth and employment. The people I care for are very kind and honorable. It’s been such a blessing to help care for the generations that helped shape and build the community and world we live in today. I’m beyond blessed to be a part of Amber Personal Care! I am exceptionally touched by the lives I have met working with Amber. This company has changed my life in so many profound directions. I’m very grateful to be a part of such an outstanding team.

Amber Glass

I wanted to share about the Director of Medicaid and Long term Care Division at Amber. Jessica has done an amazing job with a resident in my building, making sure that their staff who is a Caregiver, is compliant and following the care and safety plan set in place for this resident. Her professional demeanor and her advocacy on behalf of the client is exceptional. She goes out her way to make sure she addresses needs and concerns. Today she extended her time with my resident to make sure specific needs were met by the Property manager and ensure the resident received exceptional care. I would recommend her services as a Case Manager and advocate for anyone in need of these services.
Family Service Coordinator with the VOA

Jennifer Neptune

I live in Denver, and I have been working with Amber (Personal Care) for a little more than a month. It has been a great experience so far. Everybody is extremely friendly and you don't feel like a stranger the first day you meet them! If you are interested in meeting awesome people where you don't feel like you are at work, then Amber family is for you!


My name is Joan. I have been working with Amber Personal Care for a few months. My experience has been very good, and pleasant. They work with me on scheduling, so that my schedule is perfect for me. Amber Personal Care allowed me to have clients all the time. I enjoy helping my clients with different needs, they are very interesting and make my work feel worthwhile. I am very happy to be a part of Amber Personal Care and offer my service as a CNA to our clients.


Amber (Personal) Care has given me the security that I needed...

I believe that without Amber (Personal) Care, my move (to Colorado) would've been much harder.


My time working with Amber Personal Care has been a great experience. I enjoy my clients a lot. I also love how it is so easy to talk to my co-workers. The care and compassion with Amber Personal Care is noncomparable.


The staff of Amber Home Care are truly exceptional. The care they provide is from very friendly and dedicated people. The care that our mom received encouraged her to do more activities she liked. They are compassionate and dedicated to making sure every need of their clients are met.

SarvClient's Family

I worked with 6 different care companies over 4 years before I finally found Amber Care. Drew has been our care coordinator for the last 2 years and his responsiveness and personal attention to our needs is unparalleled. Finding the right fit for mom has been paramount for Drew, as such he personally met and assessed her needs and her unique personality, really listening to what was important to her. As I manage her care, but live out of state, he also worked tirelessly with me to create communication strategies and has utilized feedback to train care providers. As moms needs have changed, whether illness, injury or decline Drew has worked diligently and quickly to meet those needs and provide support to both of us including working independently with her Medicaid caseworker. Drew's respect for seniors and his commitment to understanding and providing for their needs has resulted in my mom feeling safe and empowered during a time that her loss of independence and cognitive acuity has created distress for both of us. Our saving grace has been the dependable consistent support of Amber Care. Never having to wonder if her support person (Aaliayh) is going to show up or be late has created desperately needed stability for both of us. Unfortunately the providers in home health support, particularly for seniors, seems to be largely filled with inexperienced and minimally motivated workforce. No doubt this is a reflection of the expectations of their employer, the way they themselves are treated, and the lack of continued employer training. Navigating the changes over the last two years with my mom would have been impossible without the support of the exceptional and dedicated professional we have in Drew and the team he orchestrates at Amber Care. Thank you Drew; Thank you Amber Care, for always being there!

MaeraCaregiver (via Caring.com)

I like amber. They've helped me in the past, I had a fall and they were the ones that got me to the doctor.


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