Can I Get Paid If I Take Care Of A Family Member?

We work with caregivers who care for their family members as a part of the Amber team. During the care matching process, we prioritize the client’s preference on who they feel most comfortable with. Sometimes, it’s our clients’ own friend or family member who take over the role of being the primary caregiver. People found it surprising that family caregivers can be rewarded financially through a home care agency such as Amber Personal Care.

The benefits of having a family member as a primary caregiver

For people who needs daily assistance, it is important to consider the benefit of someone who’s a family member as a primary caregiver. 

Did someone mention live-in care and 24-hour care? 

It’s often challenging to cover a consistent 24-hour shift for 7 days a week. Family caregiver makes it easier to meet the needs of seniors who needs full-time attention. At Amber Personal Care, we also work with relative care caregivers and clients and provide respite services to ensure seamless transition of care, and to avoid caregiver burnout. 

Trust and caregiving 

The trust and familial bond are invaluable to taking care of someone. Mutual trust gives the caregiver confidence in taking on the responsibilities, it also gives the senior a peace of mind. 

Personal care can be a little strange to get used to sometimes, and some seniors prefer to rely on a family member rather than a stranger.  

Long-lasting companionship and shared memories 

At Amber, we hear from a lot of family stories, and the shared sentiment is that we all treasure the time we spend with our families, and the memories that lasts. 

Family caregiving and relative care provide the opportunity for someone who has the availability, physical and mental ability to care for their loved ones. They can build that meaningful companionship and create wonderful new memories. The Amber team is also here to support you any step of the way. 

When you are considering relative care in Denver, be sure to call us at Amber Personal Care at (303) 955-7018. 

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