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Amber Personal Care is proud to introduce Sensible Senior Planning to provide the most integrated care experience for our clients and senior care community. Sensible Senior Planning provides Medicaid solutions to clients that need help navigating the complicated Medicaid applications and finding resources that best suit their needs. Tzivya Green is the Executive Director at Sensible Senior Planning. She has over 10 years of senior care experience. 

Over the last decade I have encountered hundreds of individuals who were searching for healthcare options for their aging loved ones. The #1 thing that families take into consideration is funding for healthcare services. Most people are aware that Medicaid covers the cost of nursing homes, but many do not know that Medicaid can also help cover the cost of personal care services in the individuals own home.  

Recently I was working with a family who was paying privately for in-home caregivers. The daughter called me and said that her mother had $40,000 left and they needed to look in to placing her in a nursing home so she can get the care she needs and that Medicaid would cover the cost.  

However, after discussing further, I discovered that her mother had great quality of life being at home, and that it was her wish to remain in her home. I provided her with educational materials on Medicaid Long Term Care and within the week, we were able to get the Medicaid Long Term Care process started and the mother will have a smooth transition from private pay services to services covered by Medicaid. She will enjoy the continuity of care and maintain the quality of life she while living in her home. The family was pleasantly surprised that she was able to stay at home.  

If you need assistance applying for Medicaid or if you have a question about Medicaid and the services it covers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s never too early to start planning for Medicaid eligibility.

Tzivya Green

Tzivya Green
Executive Director
Sensible Senior Planning
P: 855-9PLANNI (855-975-2664)

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