Things to do This Spring for Seniors in Metro Denver, Colorado

Best Things to Do for Seniors This Spring

Go on some easy walks and hikes with your best friend with paws!

One of the best things Colorado has to offer is the wonderful nature trails all around. Whether you live in a busy city district or a quiet suburb, there’s a trail somewhere close to you. In the last 12 months, I’ve found these easy trails to be most relaxing and, in a way, encouraging to me! Just getting out and embracing the outdoors under the Colorado sun has given me much of a healing energy that I crave.  
So, this Spring, let’s bring out the grandpas and grandmas to the easy trails, and don’t forget their best friends with paws!  
Some of my favorite places include:

  • Cherry Creek Trail – The Cherry Creek Trail offers an around 40-mile paved trail way that links several parks, and provides many amenities along the way. Leashed dogs are welcome, and just to be sure to watch out for fast bikes.  
  • Smoky Hill Trail – The Smoky Hill Trail is located around the Cherry Creek Lake, inside the Cherry Creek State Park. It has plenty of recreation options along its way, and leashed dogs are welcome. It might be a good thing to keep track of the location when you hike with a senior, because the trail is long, and it may be a good idea to cut the length in half.  
  • High Line Canal Trail – High Line Canal is another long expansive regional trail alongside of the High Line Canal. Similar to the Cherry Creek Trail, it links many parks and offers many stop posts. It is positioned roughly to a 90-degree angle to the Cherry Creek Trail, interestingly. 
  • Garden of the Gods – Garden of the Gods is a natural landmark in Colorado Springs. It is known for the unique rock formation of large, red sandstone. It is a very popular attraction to tourists, and a favorite for local residents around Denver and Colorado Springs. The hike here is very casual and easy. The park also provides guided tours for visitors.  

Local attractions and outdoor dining

Denver and surrounding cities have many attractions that provide excellent recreation options for seniors this Spring. With the risk being indoors still exist, we will also recommend some outdoor dining options that are equally enjoyable. 

Bring the outdoor to indoors

Spring is the perfect time for some plant shopping and gardening. 
You can find fresh houseplants and accessories at these places around town: 

  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Local Gardening season shops such as the Garden Patch garden center in the Platt Park neighborhood, is right across from a local bike shop. Small neighborhoods businesses like these are my favorite on a good sunny day.
  • Supermarket, hardware stores, and other home and garden shops.

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