When Is the Time Right to Move Closer to a Senior Loved One?

The Administration for Community Living reports that 69 percent of people 65 and older will require some type of supportive care as they continue to age. Statistically, your loved one is likely to need some extra help to perform daily living tasks safely at home. Knowing how to spot the signs that the time has arrived and what steps to take when it does can help your family more easily make the changes needed to keep your relative safe.

  1. Look for Signs of Self-Neglect

Older people often struggle to properly care for themselves. Pay your relative a visit to assess how well they’re doing on their own. If you spot any of the following signs of self-neglect, you should likely consider moving closer to help out:

• Hoarding items of little or no value

• Forgetting or refusing to take medications

• Leaving medical problems untreated

• Forgetting to turn off the stove

• Failing to dress properly for the current weather conditions

• Confusion or inability to recall key memories

• Signs of significant weight loss or poor hygiene

  1. Have a Family Meeting

Understand that your loved one may not want to accept your help, even if they desperately need it. Discussing the matter at a family meeting with your loved one and other close relatives can help them feel like they have some say in the matter. Prepare your case for why you believe your loved one can benefit from your presence, and practice how you’ll emphasize the benefits of your living close by.

  1. Assess Your Finances Before you begin looking for a new home, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends that you assess your financial health by:

• Finding out your credit score

• Checking your credit report for errors

• Establishing a monthly budget

• Determining how much money you have available for a down payment

  1. Find and Purchase a Home

Whether you plan to move to a house near your relative or buy a new home for all of you to live in, the first step is to begin shopping for a mortgage. Lenders will start their review of your finances by calculating your debt-to-income ratio. To arrive at this figure, the sum of your monthly debt obligations is divided by your gross monthly income. Using this information and your credit score, lenders will offer you preapproval for a home up to a certain value. The approval serves as your guide as you search the housing market and make offers on homes.

  1. Leave Moving to the Pros

Once you’ve purchased your home, it’s time to start packing for your move. Consider enlisting the help of a moving company to at least assist with the handling of large appliances and bulky furniture. Search for “furniture movers near me,” read online reviews, and look for companies in your area that are offering deals and discounts. Contact a few to discuss your needs and request quotes.

Your Presence Can Make a Big Difference Moving closer to your relative can allow them to safely age in place. Plan to visit your relative soon, and keep this step-by-step process in mind as you assess their well-being and take the next steps toward helping them.

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